Weird Instrument Cluster Fault - Please Help

Hi There all, I have a 2006 X Type 2.0D with a strange instrument cluster fault.

All warning lights work, the car starts, drives, no issues. All the bulbs seem to be working when I do the test by holding down the trip button before moving the key to position 2. But, none of my gauges are working. They don’t move at all. No revs, no oil temp, no speed and no fuel.

When I drive, the doors automatically lock still so speed must be being detected and possibly correctly as it is about 5mp when they lock.

There are no immobiliser issues, car is running fine. It’s just those 4 gauges that do not seem to work all of a sudden.

Can anyone help? The engineer in me thinks that maybe all the information is getting to the cluster but if all of the dials share a power supply then maybe there is no voltage to power whatever moves the dials and that’s the fault. The dials certainly don’t move when you do the test by holding down the trip button before moving the key to position 2 I actually haven’t checked the fuses yet, I will likely do that tomorrow as there are at least 3 that feed voltage to the instrument cluster.

Let me know your thoughts.


Check for a poor ground.

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Thanks JGL - whats the best way for me to do that? Should I remove the instrument cluster and try and see if I get continuity between any ground pins on the connectors and the chassis? How would you recommend I go about that?

I suggested beginning with checking the grounds because poor grounds cause most of the electrical problems with these cars. I dragged out my Owners Manual and it shows the location of the fuses (F43 for display) but doesn’t show any of the relays. I don’t know if there is a shop manual for these cars. I would not start tearing the dash apart.

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Thanks again, I’ll look into where the grounds are and see if I can spot anything wrong.

Updating this. I have found so far that my fuses for the instrument cluster are intact, so no lack of power to the panel. I ran the self test of the panel again, and went through all the systems for information. I can see that the instrument cluster is getting information from the engine regarding speed and revs, so I really do think this is more of a physical fault with the gauge motors. Any thoughts on what else to do here?

What is common to all the drivers for the displays? That would be where the problem resides. That is why I think it might be a ground problem. Beyond that I have no experience with the electronics.