Welsh Jaguar brake reservoir hoses

Got the latest Welsh Jaguar flyer. Saw the striped brake reservoir hoses. Wonder if they hold from sweating better than the other hoses from the usuals. Anybody tried them?

Is there one with a wider yellow stripe?
I can find one listed but the stripe is no more than 2-3mm wide. My original 1969 reservoir hose has a much wider stripe and the textile look.

They were very sweaty one time when I added DOT4 for the first time but now do well. If they only need to be glycol resistant I wonder if making a batch of the proper looking hose that also holds up is too difficult.

Welsh ones on my car……
One side painted yellow other side purple both on one hose so you just flip it
Look they work fine but a bit soft in the bends like the rest
I’m going in another direction
Braided or something else
The more I use modern heavy duty the less issues I have
Looks period correct though

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Hi Douglass, I used many feet of the brake hose for my 420 from Welsh, the yellow and brown stripes were very narrow. Then second year I had sweating from all the hoses. I tightened them up and so far ok. If you need them for a series on car I still have a few sections of the original NOS hose that I bought from David Manners in the UK. Still flexible, no cracks whatsoever. They were sold in packs of 10 that are 6 inches in length. Message me if interested. I paid $30 a section and that is what I would sell them for plus shipping. It is funny how so many rubber parts that are 50+ years old are still better than the new ones.

Yep I did that too I think they are about 3/16- 1/4” wide…… but I do like them …did the white as well on the heater hoses