What did you do to your E-Type today?

(Dana) #2270

… that makes sense. Mine is quiet, so don’t really know what else to chase for you, other than I’ve reversed the rear window seal and eliminated the chrome press in thingy, which may be a tighter fit? Dunno.

Edit: I happened to just watch the YouTube Built by Many episode 1? 2? (I need a life, I guess), and noticed that he was driving SNG’s hardtop equipped OTS which was quiet like mine… so looks like it can be done, and it’s not just the luck of the draw.

(Kevin) #2271

will you adopt me? LOL

(Kevin) #2272

It’s a gorgeous fall day here in Maryland and I just took Daphne (first time in over 45 years of driving I’ve ever named a car) out for a nice 30+ mile leg stretch. Damn but I do love these glorious old cars.

(Mitchell Andrus) #2273

I had a Parrish Plastics hardtop on my '64 in '74-'80. I had it on the car for quite a while. The rubber gasket pretty much ruined the paint. The new antique white paint picked up a brownish stain where the gasket sat.

(Erica Moss) #2274

yeah, I’ve read many posts to this effect. I have little doubt that they all move about. Maybe a Velcro seal would be a good solution. I should probably just reapply the 3M film. It just looked kind of icky with the top off.

(Paul Wigton) #2275

Easy choice: icky, replaceable 3M film, or icky damaged paint…:disappointed:

(Erica Moss) #2276

Nah, I have the 3rd option on now. Much like Nick, I just ran tape around, except I used black vinyl electrical tape instead of paper tape. It grips well enough so I just have have some squeaks. It only took 15 minutes to apply and might take an hour to remove and clean up. The film took several hours to make patterns, cut out and apply, and multiple days to remove.

(Paul Wigton) #2277

Certainly easier: Op. 3, it is!

(Ronald J Lewis) #2278

Thank G-d!!! The alternative was down right spooky!!!

(Ole Würtz) #2279

Pat, I sent you a message a few weeks ago. Did you see it ?
Awesome car, BTW

(Alan Grossman) #2280

Continues to be awesome!

Best, Alan

(DINO) #2281

Hey Frank

We ended up scraping the block on the advise of the builder. It probably could have been welded, I really didn’t want to think of going through the process again if it fails. Especially when I was warned.

(600) #2282

Ole, cant seem to find it?

(Ole Würtz) #2283

New message sent :slight_smile:

(Bill Bilotti 1966 S1 OTS (in boxes)) #2284

matching number block? I would have stored it to offer with the car if I ever sold it.

There was an article years ago on how to save a cracked block in one of the Jaguar magazines. it involved screwing (?) some kind of “plugs” into the crack. maybe you can turn it up in a search.

(DINO) #2285

Hi Bill. It wasn’t a matching block. There were multiple long cracks along the side of the block, maybe freeze cracks. You are right though if it were matching I might have fixed it.

(LLoyd (just a rithmetician)) #2286

It depends on the location and size of the crack.


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(Larry velk) #2287

It was “Practical Classics”. They said the method was developed in shipyards. It involved drilling holes which were filled with tightened screws of a special type. The crack repaired was horizontal just down from the top deck surface. The block looked like an early 4.2, which, I think, don’t have the straight line of ‘freeze’ plugs.

(craig Wright) #2288

Showed my car for the Last time at the International Jaguar Festival in Santa Barbara, tomorrow it’s a driver. Tough competition. 5 series one E-types each having received 100 points in the recent past. Don’t yet know how we did but I’ll be proud 5th or better, and now I get to drive it. Judges included George Camp and Robert Mueller, hard to argue with them on anything they find. Awards in two hours.

(Paul Wigton) #2289

A driven 90-point E Type will have far greater utility, and I predict will bring a bigger smile to your face, than a 100-point trailer-queen show winner.