What do I use this XK-6 engine for NOW?

(Raccoonman) #1

Having broken my SII swb up, I’m still sitting with the entire drivetrain, both suspension subframes, and haven’t been able to develop a practical use for all this wonderful machinery. I’ve had the engine under cover for over a year and spun it over Sunday to make sure it was still freed off. Would love to build a special around the bits I saved…

(Paul M. Novak) #3

Some of those parts are very popular with the hot rod community. I sold the front and rear suspensions from one of my XJ6 parts cars to a local hot rod shop and they were thrilled to get them.


(Jochen Glöckner) #4

Or make it more classic like in a https://www.aksportscars.co.uk/ak-cobra-replica-kits/standard-bodychassis-kit/ … with enough space, tools, time and a reasonable donor car it looks like some contemplative seasons in a well-heated garage:-)

Good luck


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

(Paul Wigton) #5

If that XK engine was closer to me…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Raccoonman) #6

It is a little ways from South Carolina to Colorado! I wonder if I can manage a replica Allard… the body lines are simple enough

(Raccoonman) #7

Been looking at all kinds of examples, from Locost to Ronart and Kougar cars. Still considering an Allard style but many of what I’ve seen are too “fussy” looking. SS100 style are nice but outside my pocketbook even more so than most of these others. Thinking of constructing a simple ladder-type frame and finding a suitable existing '30’s saloon body to set on it. There’s a '36 Pontiac I know of… I think the body’s complete…

(Raccoonman) #8

Too much wood in that Pontiac! and too much of it rotted away!

(David Jauch) #9

As the XK is basically almost more airplane than car engine get a ladder frame and make it a 20’s racecar! Pre-war bugatti sized, just doesn’t take the suspension I guess…

(Raccoonman) #10

I had considered mounting it in a '50’s pickup truck frame, set back behind the front axle, and building a mini-“blast-o-lene” special… lack of large enough wheels to make it look right was a stumbling block. I think it would need some wide 19" wire spoked wheels to look right

(Raccoonman) #11

And, unfortunately, that still leaves me with two large pieces of suspension to deal with

(Andrew Waugh) #12


(Raccoonman) #13

now that’s something you don’t see every day!

(Paul Wigton) #14

THE best lumping, ever!!

Years ago, when Aaron Couper did this, I followed his project.

His “ solution” for the power bulge was the best!!

(Mister Mitch) #15

I have this midget…white with red interior…bought it last week. I am not kidding, it is all apart (poor guy died) but new red interior kit, rebuildt motor…the midget is a '63 no rust white (in primer)…
I also have several 4.2’s…
I showed my son, Brian, not to interested…I do not know what is wrong with these kids…
Did not say the type of trans…
I will be dead before I ever get to a project like this…

(Paul Wigton) #16

Nothing “wrong” with kids who do not share our hobbies: actually, that many kids I am in contact with, who say they arent really interested in cars, gives me some hope!

Just fix it up and drive it!

(Raccoonman) #17

Removing excess stuff and fabricating a new pair of motor mount stands and an alternator bracket which will mount a Motorcraft alternator as snug up to the block as possible. Had to work up a way to drive the water pump since the power steering pump has been removed. Got a stupid idea to build a Jaguar powered and suspended Locost.

(Robin O'Connor) #18

I believe its been done in the UK before so let the madness proceed :slight_smile:
OK so this is using the AJ6 engine but you get the drift.

(Raccoonman) #19

oooohhhhhhh that’s nice

(Raccoonman) #20

Made a bracket for mounting the alternator so it can act as a point in the water pump/crankshaft pulley system. Well, halfway finished it, gonna weld it up tonight, but the pieces are all done.

(Tom Rutherford) #21

My favorite lump?

I think an extra XK or 2 would look nice in a wooden boat also.