What do you think they mean by the expression “core fee”?


What do you think they mean by the expression “core fee” at the shop on the page
https://www.welshent.com/Jaguar-Brake-Master-Cylinder-Rebuilt-P15067.aspx ?

Item #: C-3632-R
Our Price: $795.95
Core Fee: • Jaguar Included Core - ($500.00)

By the way, I have a Jaguar Mark V and its brake master cylinder is problematic. Do you mean that I can buy this product at the price $795.95 only if I send to the shop the master cylinder which is set at my Jaguar V after exchanging?

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My understanding is that if you don’t send them your old master cylinder, you will have to pay that $500 core charge.

Some places, if the part is rare enough, up the price to make sure you cooperate and if rare enough, will not rebuild without a core.

That being said, never been a fan. Most places do not guarantee that you get your original part back! Only that you get one rebuilt using a core they already have. Even then, there have been differences that can usually be traced to production changes.

I can’t see them charging you $500 just because you SENT and PROVIDED the core?

Yes, you buy the part outright at 795, and you get back 500 if you send them your rebuildable core afterwards.
There are other places that will do a Mark V master cylinder.
Apple Hydraulics is one.
White Post Restorations is another.
Remember that with Mark V, LHD cars have a pressure operated electrical switch in the end, where RHD cars do not, unless it has been changed.
For Mark V questions you should try the pre-xk forum.

Call to make sure of their policy. Ask if the re-build is with a brass or stainless sleeve, or if they use a sleeve at all. Can you use silicone fluid? Is there a guarantee? We use Apple for all our hydraulics.


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Maybe the solution is to ask this organization if they will rebuild or sleeve YOUR master cylinder and return it to you. That has always been the case with brake/clutch cylinders I have had sleeved over the years. The only downside it there is a time delay.