What does the paint color REALLY look like

Hey Girls and Guys I am sending my MKII to the body shop the first week in January and I need to decide on the paint color I am leaning towards Carmen Red or maybe some other RED, do any of you out there have really good pictures of your cars and would be willing to send the picture to me to help me decide. if so you can Email me on gmgarage@cox.net (no I am not a business this just happens to be the computer in my garage).




a great site for viewing all things Jag, including how colors look


This is a great site thank you so much

Just in case you didnt notice, it also has a similar site for E-types, XK etc

and is searchable by color

only 2 Carmen Red showing in Saloons, but maybe more in E-type ?

I am 99% sure a forum member on this site maintains that database, and its a fabulous resource, hopefully it can be maintained

That may be @ptelivuo.

Hi Paul,

Thanks. but I can’t take the credit, it’s Roger (Los) who’s site that is and Paul Spurlock is the main contributor. There are many more on the different sub sites, I have been active mostly on the SS Jaguar, Saloons and xkedata and do have original paint charts and leather sample booklets, so yes, I do have a pretty good idea about the original colours. It just seems to me that few people outside of Switzerland seem to think original colours is a big deal. I do. :smiley:

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Cardinal Red: