What Happened To The Font Size?

Is it just me, or did the font size shrink considerably, last night?? (early hours of Dec 1, 2020)
I double checked the “Settings” in my computer and my Font Sizes are still where I set them… ONLY the
Jag-Lovers site has minuscule print (so small, in fact, that it so small I can barely read what I’m typing!!
I noticed in the “Your Topic is similar to…” panel on the right, another “Font Problem” reared it’s head
back in March 2000 (a left-over Y2K Bug??)
Any help, out there???
Charles Ch#677556.

No problem here. If you’re on a windows machine try holding ctrl while rolling scrolling. That makes changes inside some browsers to fit more on the screen by changing the size of screen elements.

Hi Charles,

Absolutely nothing changed overnight. No updates, no configuration changes, nothing. I can say that with certainty, as I’m the only one fiddling with the knobs.

I agree with @Mitchman, could it be that you inadvertently told your browser to make the font smaller, just for this site? Have you tried opening the site in another browser (on the same computer), just to see if that makes a difference?


Triple: I see no difference on my phone or desktop.

IPad is fine as well.

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Gunner (Admin), Mitchell, Paul & Robin;
Appreciate y’all’s replies… Thanks!!
That said, I did not, knowingly, make any changes that would/could affect/afflict the Jag-Lover’s site without causing the same changes on my desktop. That said, several days after posting my original query (or "a few days back), “magically” the J-L site’s font (as I see it) returned to “normal”… at least it’s, again the same size font as are all my e-mails, etc… Go figure…
Again, I appreciate the replies and Gunner checking into the technical aspect of “things”.
Charles Ch #677556

The Electron Gods are fickle ones…:grin: