What is this distributor doohickie

I sent my distributor off to Advanced Distributor with this plastic collar attached and it came back in a plastic bag of used parts. I’ve never seen one on a dizzy before and have no idea what it is for.

Can anyone tell me what it is

That was a shield to prevent water from contacting the distributor. Most cars don`t have it. Both of my E types have one.



Moisture/dust seal. Fits between the distributor and the cap.

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It IS a dust/water shield BUT it is also the way to get a wire to the points.
IF you don’t have that, then you would have to have the small plastic piece that does have the wiring on it. It fills the hole in the distributor cap and has wiring that goes to the points.
The XK engine has the distributor down low and in the front so water can get inside easier than many other British cars that used similar distributors.

It does have the plastic thing the wire connects to.

I also had my distributor rebuilt at Advance and he told me he took it off because it is worthless. That may or may not be true, but Jaguar did put the distributor in a rather inaccessible yet vulnerable location.