What is this hose for?

Hi All,

while working on the transmission mount of my '90 V12 I noticed a hose on the right (passenger) side of the transmission housing. It is a rubber hose (vacuum?) with a plastic connector piece at the end. Please see attached photo. The hose runs along the right side of the transmission housing towards the front but I was unable to trace it back to the end. I looked around in the area but could not find any corresponding hose that would connect to this.

Any clue what this is for?


i found a similar vacuum hose on the passenger side in that area, pulled on it and it cracked off from wherever it was hooked up.

Ended up being the vent for the TH400. Impossible to reconnect without transmission out of car. So just left it as is.

Not a big deal.

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Thanks Greg - Much appreciated. Makes sense…