What oil in the diff of a 120?

(peder) #1

80-90 but without LS adfitive?
GL 4 and 5 are modern descriptions …!?


(Nick 53 XK120 OTS) #2

viscosity 90…but modern and available will be 75-90 or 80-90. Any of the usual brands…Redline, Valvoline, Mobil 1…synthetics…most have limited slip modifier within them…not a problem, and can be used. Nick


(Rob Reilly) #3

This is what I use.

80W means the viscosity in Winter, and 90 is the viscosity in summer.

If you do a lot of cold weather driving you may want to use SAE 75W-90.
SAE is the Society of Automotive Engineers, and they establish and regulate the testing of viscosities. I don’t know, does that apply in all countries? If the bottle doesn’t say SAE you might not want to trust it.

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