What oil to use in my S 4.o V8 A/T

I don’t find a slot for the 2000 jag S 4.0 V8 --is this it?

Is the A/T for my car the same as used in the TBird and Lincoln when they also used the DOHC v8?
I HAVE no PROBLEM FINDING anything about my mk-1 but little about the S !
Seems we’re suppose to take our cars whenever ANYTHING needs attention~~

do you have an S Type ?

Do you want engine or gearbox oil ?

Hi Michael, there is an ‘S’ type forum, just a long way down the list, so you might get better response from there.

I find a good place to look for repair information is
They have lots of information on all modern Jags, including the ‘S’.

Another place to look is on Jaguarforums.com, always helpful.

Good luck, and enjoy your car!


Jaguar issued a .pdf of the Global Vehicle Specs.
I downloaded huge amounts of info when I worked at the dealer years ago.

I sent Gus copies of much of what I have so he will have it on his site (jagrepair.com)

VSB_07_2004.pdf (2.9 MB)

The document fit here as an attachment

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Thanks Peter! I’ve drained the engine and tranny, the engine oil was BLACK, the tranny oil just old and didn’t smell burnt it says on the bottom (where jaguar owners are sure to see?) that mercuran (?) is the oil. I pulled the tranny pan and didn’t find any grindings or bits so it is probably the problem of a bore which a shaft passes through allowing too much oil to pass through and necessitating the tranny removal which tells me to go to your suggested fix it places! AAAARRRRGGG!