What to do? Too many cars

Have a 49 /50 MK V, 52 MK VII, 54 Bentley “R”, 54 Mercedes 300B, 59 MK I, 60 MK II, 71 XJ6, 75 XJ6C,76 XJ V12 Coupe. All of these cars have been in storage for at least 10 years. They are mostly complete automobiles with original equipment except the MK V which has a Pontiac engine.
Need to sell, would prefer to sell to individuals who would appreciate the car rather than to a reseller.
Thinking about Ebay but thought I would look here for advice first.

I pray for your Executor.
Drag them out into daylight, wash and polish them up, take photos and a video and start posting them. Or host a car show for local clubs and advertise. Get the word out before fall, buyers emerge in the spring.

Which Pontiac engine?

He said the MK V had the Pontiac engine.

I read that: Pontiac made a number of different engines…:wink:

Sorry for the delay in response. Only know it is a small block v8. Trying to gather that and other information on these cars, did not anticipate the interest by this and other groups, should have been more prepared.
My apologies to all.

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