What will the market for these cars be like in 5 to 10 years?

I have a 2001 model, and like the car very much. I did not have to pay very much for the car, and it was running great with about 80000 miles for $7500 about 3 years ago. Now I see prices all over the map, and noticed that some of the XJS models are selling for more than our cars. Of course, those are asking prices, but I would not think they are any better cars than the XK8. I wonder if our cars will eventually increase in value?

I love them but…this whole era is plug and play, if the computers go,so does the car.
if anything, not much in the long run. Your local government will make sure they are off the road in 10 years.

IMHO, this is mainly part of the depreciation curve for a mass-produced car that still has enthusiast value.

The XJ-S values were bad a few years ago, and then (I believe) started to rise. For that matter, old E-types weren’t worth much in the 70’s.

When the prices bottom out, more and more of the cars decay to bad condition and get scrapped. Then the cars in excellent condition, which are now much rarer, rise in value.

I don’t know if the prices will ever rise to merit ground-up restorations like the E-type, but good cars likely will be worth a lot more. But it’ll be a few years down the road.



The XK8 is a beautiful car inside and out and will only rise in value as time goes on. No doubt in my mind.


I don’t believe we will see any appreciation in prices for the XK8. If there was appreciation it would only be eaten up by how much money I have had to put into it. 60K miles on my 1999 and did head gaskets chains,tensioners etc just over a year ago. Cold A/C after replacing condenser. Heat and defrost not working now. Front strut bushings need to be replaced. I did take the car on the 3000 mile OIL LEAK trip last year and it ran flawlessly.
No problems until near home and a big rig took out my rear quarter panel. I find the XK8 to be a more comfortable car than my F type, very different cars.

And this is why…
Please enjoy it
Jaguar is bust on old parts ,pray they survive.
I would like to see an electric conversion on one of those?

Like it or not, that’s where we gotta go.

The party was fun, while the biosphere lasted, eh?

I agree and for us and limited amounts on the road it will be fine but
Remember 100 years ago
What’s a car?
So we go electric as long as the grid keeps up