What would you rather drive? An E Type or Bekins truck?

I did not think I would ever see an E Type driver compared to a Bekins truck driver, but here it is.
Bekins ad.pdf (978.8 KB)


And you can see what the two Bekins truck passengers are looking at…

The E-type driver must be of average height or perhaps a bit taller than average.

I read the ad.

Bekins is playing with the idea that their driver training reaches a higher standard than Harvard Law School.


I think it was from Sam Clemens “There are lies. There are damnedable lies. And then there are statistics”

IMO there’s no comparison. Try getting more than 1 roomful of furniture into an E-Type with the drop head closed.

They don’t tell you that 5 of 6 Harvard applicants aren’t smart enough to get in, but 9 of 10 Bekins trainees are smart enough to get out. “This job is gonna suck! I’m outa here…

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As with many quotes–this one included–their origin is now much more accurate.


Yeah, but those guys are with Allied Van Lines, not Bekins. :rofl:

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