What's Up With the Email System?

It has been down several days now … what’s wrong with it, and will it be back in function anytime soon? :confused:

There’s a bug in the forum software. You can follow the developer discussion here.

As soon as there’s a fix, we’ll implement it.

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Wow … Thanks for the response, but that stuff is way above my head, Gunnar … :open_mouth:

I do have a good retired bud near Boston who is a former software designer or some such sort of IT guru. I might run the thread by him to see if he can come up with any ideas to help out on the problem … :thinking:

The problem has been fixed and email is again flowing.

Will this also fix all my other physical ills?

Signed, Curious in Keenesburg


Yeeeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Good job, guys … ^ Jag . :smiley_cat: