What's with the reverse site color

Something changed in the format

Is it your phone setting. Mine is the same

I noticed that, on my home laptop, with WIN10, that the background is white, but when I use the work computer, with WIN10, the background is dark (almost black) - I just figure that there must be a difference of the update versions of WIN10 that causes this, since I have not made any changes, and this has been like this for quite a few months - Tex.

It’s night mode. You can control on your own device if you want it or not.

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Can’t find that on my android

My screen on this site is black with white letters…my other stuff lips normal

Nothing has changed in this regard for at least a year.

The forum is set to follow your computer/device by default. If your computer or phone switches to night mode, so will the forum.

You can turn this off by going to your forum preferences and deselecting automatic night mode. See screenshot.


In Android 14 this is DARK THEME. You can find it under Settings>Display On/Off. This is different than the Night Light mode.

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Followed the suggestions above and was able to change from dark background to white on work computer - unchecked the dark mode selection - thanks, Tex.

Discovery… when using battery saver it will turn on dark mode