Wheel choice options

Having second thoughts on the wheel size. I was planning on fitting MWS 16x6, but it seems that size won’t fit in the spare wheel well (140). Seeing as the originals were 54 spoke, which I can’t get now in the UK, it might be worth going for the 16x6 72 spoke wheels with a 16x5 for the spare. Do 72 spoke wheels (painted) look OK on an XK, or do they look like overkill? I could just go with the 60 spoke 5" wide all round, but seeing as they’re not original either I might as well go with the wider wheel, perhaps. I like to keep the wheelarches well filled!

why not rebuild your original wheels or pick up a used set ?

Have you spoken to the guys at Turrino wire wheels?

I have looked at Turrino for other cars in the past, but I usually find there’s no point in contacting a company that doesn’t publish their prices! I think the sensible option comes down to keeping it original, really. I don’t want hassle with the wheel well or bootlid, and the rest of the car will be pretty much unmodified anyway. And I think it’s worth thinking about steering effort, too, so it looks like the 5x16 fitted with a 185 Blockley will be the best option.

Hi Roger,

I bought a set some years ago. Alloy rim and 60 stainless spokes. They cost 600Euro/wheel rougly ten years ago.

They sell different sizes and also different appearance (polished, painted,…) as could see on the website.

Quality was acceptable, but is for sure better now using a modern machining park.

At that time I looked for better quality and bought Borranis. Will sell the Turrinos sometimes.

5x16 is working without change/remove the lock of the spats, on 6x16 you have to remove the lock (if S version with wire wheels not necessary).

I made 20mm shorter hubs to be safe on rubbing during suspension.

Best regards

Thomas, 674213

Thanks Thomas - I don’t have spats, but I do have a spare wheel cover!

I once had rear tires (old Ford hot rod) that were so wide they hit the inner fenders while approaching a sloped driveway at an angle. Solid rear axles move in mysterious ways. They tilt.