Wheel Covers for sidemount spare 1936/37 SS Jaguars

We have had made the moulds to spin up wheel covers for sidemount spare 1936/37 SS 2.5 litre cars. We have made a couple of sets and looking for anyone else who requires them prior to getting the mould reduced in size to make the wheel covers which are slightly smaller for the 1936/37 SS 1.5 litre cars.

They come with the chrome bead that is around perimeter we will; also be making the small disc in the centre which some cars in period seemed to have but not all

If anybody is interested in wheel covers for 1936/37 2.5 litre or 1.5 litre cars can they email at:

tmcgrath@bigpond.com or call 61 407797003


There is something just so…correct, about side mounts.

A bit like the boot mounts on the Rovers, played havoc with the rear view mirror I would imagine.

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It does: I kinda think they’re anachronistic, and were I to participate in the Variety Bash, I’d use one!

Hi Terry.
Any plans on spinning up some of the Ace wire wheel embellishers?

No ____ they are available ex USA?

You might contact Hipwell Arden. They manufacture all sorts of wheel discs, and related, for classic cars, including Ace.