Wheel question on Series II cars

I emailed Realm Engineering. I didn’t see anything on their website.

I just got a response
Chrome wire wheels 12.5kg
Dunlap style 12.0kg

So I’m saving just a bit over one pound per wheel. That’s a good thing.

I hear that the average weight gain for a person over the holidays is 8 pounds. You need lighter wheels. :wink:


Functionally, you will never notice a difference.


Yeah, but I’m sure you know how difficult it is to loose a few pounds!


No offense of course, just could not resist. Cheers!

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To tell the truth, I never even considered the weight in my decision. I’ve had plenty of cars with wire wheels. I’ll admit that they look great but I’m not a fan. They’re difficult to clean, spokes break, etc. Plus, I just love the look of the vintage Dunlaps. I wanted the open center three eared knock offs too but they won’t fit our cars.


True but I’m still claiming bragging rights!!!

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Oh, trust me: I used to do the calculus when I was racing, and it always showed that it was way cheaper for me to lose weight than to build horsepower into the engine… :slight_smile:


I picked up my wheels with the tires mounted today. I didn’t have much time so I just put them on the left side of the car to see how they looked. I’m thrilled!!! Now I need to get some two or maybe three eared spinners.

Any idea on the weight of the original wire wheels with vintage Michelin’s and tubes? The new wheel/tire combo feels at least 5 lbs less the old setup. I’ll try to remember to bring a scale. It really doesn’t matter but I’m curious.

Happy Thanksgiving to my USA friends and good wishes to all.

Just a SWAG, but 35-45 pounds. They aint light.

I have a wheel and tire I can weigh on Sunday.

I had a set of original 5 inch wire wheels and a set of Coker redlines. When I was trying to sell them as a set, I weighed each wheel tire set and they were 48 pounds a piece.



I have 69 OTS with disc wheels, half my hubcaps are growler with checker and other side growler with black background.

Any idea if yours are original and if so which style do you have

I am having issue determine which were orginal, the usual supplier say checker is for series 3, but am getting mixed results online from photos.

Mine has the checkered background. Can’t be 100% sure they are original, but the car hasn’t had a full restoration. Old repaint and some bodywork but pretty original otherwise. March 1970 build

I think this is the setup for S2 cars. Regarding the cost of conversion, there must be heaps of these around in the wreckers as they were fitted as options on S1 XJ cars from around 1971, and standard ( albeit not necessarily chromed) on S2 and early S3 XJ until the advent of Pepperpots. You need to change the hubs to bolt on type though, XJ fit the rear, but I’m not sure about the front, although I expect they are the same also.


I liked the looks of them, and they are lighter than the wires.

My original caps have the checkered style background on my 1970 series II purchased new. Replacements are still available.