Wheels and Tires plus advice (please) requested on the possible purchase of a 1987 XJ6 and its value

Hi All!

I may have found an XJ6 1987 I will buy. The current owner got rid of the original wheels and no longer has them.

Does anyone know where to find these wheels and the approximate cost to purchase them?

I think it may cost upwards of $2k+ to put new tires and original wheels back on this car. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you.

David can fix you up with wheels. Nice guy, fair prices




If you end up buying that XJ6 I wouldn’t overspend on Kent style wheels. I don’t know where you’re located, but I agree with Doug that contacting David with everydayxj.com is a good option for reasonably priced replacement wheels. I’d also check sites like facebook marketplace or craigslist in your area for anyone parting out an XJ6 or selling Kent wheels. They are not rare, although some will be in better condition than others.

Thank you both! I’d love some additional feedback if you or anyone is interested. I love the series III, and I’ve found a color combo that I love, but price-wise, I’m not sure it’s the right find. Here are some points:

  • Located in southern California (500+ miles from me I am in NorCal)
  • 104K miles
  • Seems to be well maintained. It looks good inside and out, and I did speak with the shop that has been caring for it for over 15+ years.
  • Asking price = $11K

Here are its issues (which I expect entirely with a 37-year-old car). Any guidance on the costs for the items with ???s would be super helpful and any advice at all would be very much appreciated!

    - New windshield needed (current one is cracked) = $500-$600
    - The back driver's side window does not work = $???
    - The back driver's side door does not lock when the key is used on the outside lock= $???
    - Reading lights not working = $???
    - Needs period correct wheels = $???
    - Due to the above need for period correct wheels, we will need period correct tires = $???
    - Sunroof unknown if it works.  He said his first jag before this one gave him SR issues, so he does not use the SR on this car.  I asked if he would test it for me, and he said he would not.  That said, I  feel that I need to assume that it does not work) = $???

    **- Total = $????**

NOTE: I verified all of this is in working order:

  • Cruise control - not sure is going to test
  • A/C and heat? - Working well.
  • Smoking in the car? - NO
  • Rust - NO
  • Where else did this car live? Caliornia car only.
  • Where has it been serviced? Local shop in Socal.

If you want super nice wheels, I have a spare set of original Jaguar 16" lattice.
I fact, I could also point you to a chap who may have extra Kent wheels with tires (and would take the lattice).
I am in Sunnyvale CA, he is in Santa Cruz.

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Thank you!

I really like the Kent wheels and would love an intro. I am in North Tahoe.

Thank you,

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Ok, will let you know.

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Two big “plus” factors right there.

Windows, lock, lights…usually easy fixes.


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I second Doug.
An other big ticket item is the leather seats so make sure they are ok.

Check IRS for leaks and overall condition of suspension.

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It all looks promising Brian - particularly the ‘no rust’ bit. The cost will depend of whether you are prepared to work on it yourself or leave it to a shop - most of the issues are ‘easy’ DIY; no cost except for parts. A shop will charge for both time used in locating faults and fixing them. Like;

   * - The back driver's side window does not work = $???*

May be just bad contacts; find out and clean at no cost - or a failed motor. Testing 'local control may indicate what.

   * - The back driver's side door does not lock when the key is used on the outside lock= $???*

Adjustment may fix it - like ‘lock’ works ‘unlock’ doesn’t; no cost - or failed motor. In the latter case; do not use the central locking system beyond testing…

   * - Reading lights not working = $???*

Again bad contacts - or blown bulbs. But units may have failed.

    *- Sunroof unknown if it works.  He said his first jag before this one gave him SR issues, so he does not use the SR on this car.  I asked if he would test it for me, and he said he would not.  That said, I  feel that I need to assume that it does not work) = $???*

He’s right, Brian - an iffy sun roof should not be used until you are prepared to work on it. It may just need some lubrication; may stick in awkward positions and even strip motor gears.

- Cruise control - not sure is going to test

If not working; some TLC may fix it. The usual faults are leaking bellows (vacuum) or failed valves - which may just need new seals. Best case…:slight_smile:

And don’t omit looking at ‘pepperpot’ wheels as alternatives…

This is just an initial sketch of some elements, of course - just to show we care…:slight_smile:

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

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I have a '86 xj6 parts car with most parts including the Kent wheels, even s set of wires with lugnuts…cheap…about ready to crush the xj6
might slide over to www.jagexp.com…where I have it listed and phone
Mitch in Phoenix
www.roefamilyband.com. our website for contact, curiosity and security…if one wishes

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Thanks, Mitch. Do you have a direct link to the car/wheels for the listing at jagexp?

Thank you @Frank_Andersen! I really appreciate the thoughtful answers and feedback. I’m a DIY person, so this is very encouraging! I also understood his stance regarding the SR and didn’t press. I haven’t bought it yet so not mine to ask him to maybe break when testing :slight_smile:

Thank you @Aristides! The leather from his pictures looks impressive. No tears, cracking, etc…very clean.

Thank you @Doug_Dwyer!

Does anyone have an opinion regarding value? I know it’s a very difficult question to answer when one hasn’t seen the car, seen it on a lift, etc.

This one just sold on BAT…

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I saw this one, thank you for sharing!

Do folks feel that a black (exterior) and tan (interior) combo brings a higher value?

What this '87 xj6 that sold on BAT really teaches us…BUYERS ON BAT PAY THE MOST…or they over pay.
How do we know that?
Well, the seller is a dealer and he has listed/sold 66 vehicles on BAT yet has not bought a single vehicle…WHY WOULD THAT BE…cheaper places to buy !!
What did the dealer pay for this? We do not know…but we can summize…
The dealer figures he can sell it for 10k so needs to buy for 7k or if it is “front line” and he is sure of it 8K…
So this dealer would buy ANY…ANY '87 for 7k and maybe 8k…now you know why you are looking at 11k…you are the only one willing? to pay more then 8
Assuming all is equal…well you have a good presentation on BAT of this dealer xj6…how does it compare with…whatever you are looking at?
Color really does not matter…not in value…all will sell…a couple colors might sell sooner but not for more…
If you are going to buy…pay a mechanic to check it for you…if any issues then go back and negotiate the issues with the seller…
There is 1 way to “steel” something…something that is wrecked or does not run…and you do the labor to fix and deduct for parts…or as we say…restoration it…
Also…go look closely on the bidding sequence on the BAT xj6…you will see a point where only 2 are competing…just below this is your buying point. with 3 or 4 buyers there is a market…with 2 EGO
When buying at auction…one is NOT a winner…but a LOOSER…defined by willing to pay more then anyone else…that is a LOOSER

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Check your private messages.
If you buy his Kents (which used to be mine), he will buy my spare lattice set :slight_smile: