Where can I source multi colored zip ties?

Getting things in order to repair much wiring and connectors in engine compartment, 1994 XJS V12 Convertible.

Trying to source a zip tie assortment with a variety of colors to tag wires, connectors, etc.

The most I can find in any one kit is six colors.
Was thinking there should be something out there with white, black, and seven colors of the visual spectrum at a minimum.

Was wanting to stay away from less robust things like tape or paper stickies, etc.

Any ideas?

I use the thin aluminum tags that are attached with thin twist-ties like people use to label their rosebushes. They are waterproof and available very cheap in packs of 50 or 100 on amazon. You can write on them with a ballpoint pen and the writing indents to eliminate worry about ink smudging. Not a perfect solution but better than paper tags.


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Jim - when I was doing my telphone work years ago, we used zip ties that had a write-on tab - I think these are still available and in color - check local walmart store for example, or Amazon for zip ties with tag - Tex.

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There’s a wide range of straps, markers and ties available on Lazada, Thailand’s answer to Amazon. I have five colours + black and white in various lengths.
I can source and send to you if you need

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I found some on Amazon, or ebay
some kit like this should do ?

zip ties with label are great for identifying network cables (until you need to get the cable though tight areas)

colored zip ties with label may be adding both features

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The 14 different colors, 50 of each, is exactly what I need. Thanks for the help.

Will get some of the tabbed zip ties to tag things removed. It seems that these projects have a way of running long and my memory is not as keen as it once was. Thanks.

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I recommend also taking many pictures along the way


Both are true statements but being on the closing laps of a 2+ year restoration of a Series III, I would modify thusly:

I recommend also making many videos along the way and narrate to yourself what your are doing/looking at