Where do I add Water Wetter

Hi all

Simple question. I bought some Red Line Water Wetter and want to add it to my S2 cooling system. I was thinking I’d add it directly to the radiator, rather than the bulkhead reservoir, to make sure it got circulated in the system. So I opened the petcock at the bottom of the radiator, drained a pint of coolant, only to find the fill neck at the top of the radiator still topped up. So… I think I’m stuck just adding it to the reservoir.

Any suggestions?

If you left the radiator cap on the drain might just have taken the easiest supply, from the engine perhaps. Try removing the rad cap and try again…just a thought, I could be wrong.

Was the system warm when you opened the drain? I’m not sure why you wouldn’t have seen the level drop if the engine was cool.

In any event, remove the radiator cap and draw off another pint, then add it to the radiator. You may want to check your header tank in the morning after a good run, as that first pint of fluid must have come from somewhere.

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The system was cool and I removed the radiator cap so expected the level to drop. I’m wondering if it drained out of the engine? Regardless am I correct in thinking that I’m best to add this directly to the radiator rather than the overflow tank?

Robert. Proceed sir. Directly into the radiator is correct.

Thanks all. I drained another quart or so, and that definitely made room at the top for the Water Wetter. Then refilled with the antifreeze taken out until I was again full to the neck.

… which you can reasonably expect, it will puke our the excess.

Paul, it was the neck of the radiator, not the overflow tank. :+1:

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