Where to find the flasher relay on a 1970 xke

where can you fine the flasher relay on a 1970 xke

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So far as I know, all S2s have it on the far left under the dash and towards the firewall, up high in there. If the under-dash millboards are installed, one of them may have to be remove to get at it.

I searched my photos for ‘flasher’. I addition to pics of guys in raincoats, I found this:

Not as far forward as I was thinking.


Thank you, I’ll check it out.

I recently got another problem….the fuel gauge is pegged past full. I removed the float. All seems well, still the gauge is pegged. It does go down when the key is off???

What this means is that there’s a short to ground on the wire that feeds the gauge. Happy hunting.

Thanks…I was afraid of that.:):blush:(

The first place I would look is on the back of the gauge. The terminals can twist around and touch the mounting studs. The second place I would look is on the top of the gas tank.

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IF it is a ground issue, can I just cut the ground wire and ground it to the body???

Sure. The advantage is that the gauge would always read full. No more range anxiety!

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I get that a bunch of people don’t understand electricity. They talk about something being shorted out when it’s really an open.

The electrical current for the gas gauge circuit goes through the 10 V regulator, then through the gauge and then through the sending unit in the gas tank to finally make it to ground. The tank is grounded. The gas tank ground is the only place the gauge circuit should be grounded.
The sending unit varies its resistance, with lower resistance being a full tank, and higher resistance being an empty tank.

You are half right. The problem is a short to ground, not an open.

Can I just run a new ground wire to frame to fix problem.

Can I run a wire from the ground terminal to the negative battery post to ensure that ground is the problem?

No you cannot. The problem is the circuit is finding a ground someplace it should not be grounded. Have you checked the back of the gauge? It’s possible the connection has rotated causing a short to ground. Next check the tank connection. Disconnect the tank sender and see if the gauge stays below E. If it does, buy a new sender.

Ok, maybe not clear. The problem is that the wire between the sender and the gauge is shorted to ground, that’s why the gauge is pegged. Running another wire to ground isn’t going to do anything.


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