Which Shocks (Rear)?

XKs Unlimited has started their Summer Sale. Among the items on sale are two brands of rear shocks. To wit:

GAZ Shocks - Jaguar E-Type Rear Gaz Shocks with Coil Springs - 14-1027

Special Offers - Summer Sale - GAZ Shocks - Jaguar E-Type Rear Gaz Shocks with Coil Springs - 14-1027

Jaguar E-Type Rear Gaz Shocks with Coil Springs - 14-1027

Series III Sold Per: Set of Four Estimated Quantity Available: 3
Regular Price $699.99
sale Price $619.99

SPAX Shocks - Jaguar E-Type Rear Spax Shocks with Coil Springs - 14-1026

Special Offers - Summer Sale - SPAX Shocks - Jaguar E-Type Rear Spax Shocks with Coil Springs - 14-1026

Jaguar E-Type Rear Spax Shocks with Coil Springs - 14-1026

Series III Sold Per: Set of Four Estimated Quantity Available: 1
Regular Prince: $999.99
Sale Price $899.99

I am soliciting comments about them.

  • Are these good prices?
  • Which is the better deal between Gaz and Spax?
  • Is there a better rear shock on the market?

I am intentionally using the vague term “better” and “good” to provide the maximum latitude the discussion/replies.


I have the GAZ adjustable on all four corners. I went with the ones that have adjustable base plates though and just reused the stock springs. The firmness range is quite acceptable, and the biggest improvement for me was that the full extended length was correct. With the old orange Konis on there I used to have to let the air of of the tires to finagle the rears off because the shocks didn’t hang low enough to allow them to clear the body.

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I am just a recreational driver of my E-Type and for city and a little highway driving, I confess I could not tell the difference between shocks!

Dennis 69 OTS

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Craig I’ve used both Gaz and Spax shocks, but like Erica they have always been on adjustable plates. My impression is that the shocks are comparable as to performance. Tough to justify the difference in price to be perfectly honest.

I’m wondering if the photos are of shocks for E Type Jaguars? The lower perch on both Gaz and Spax seems way too high.

check Tirerack for koni.

I think I paid a lot less for Gaz form SNG last summer

Hi…just for info…SNG have an adjustable platform Gaz shock…you cannot use standard springs…you have to use a shorter spring they have especially for the shock…they run these on their demo car 50EE (S2 ots) in the UK…I know the tech that fits and also uses the demo car…the ride height can be set as original…so far they have had no problems with them…Steve

I think that shorter spring is only “required” if you don’t have a suitable compression tool to allow you to get the lower perches spun on. With a tool, it’s no issue at all using the stock springs with those GAZ shocks.

No not correct…these are the shocks i mention…note in the text special springs are required…they are shorter and especially for this adjustable platform shock https://www.sngbarratt.com/uk/#!/English/parts/9ec7807c-db96-4c29-9d1b-ce784f3cc90f If you use standard springs with these shocks the car will sit too high

I’m pretty sure I have the exact same shocks except they were sourced from XKs. Not only is my ride height just fine, the adjusters aren’t even bottomed out. I could make it even lower.

edit: I am using my original e-type springs though not replacement “stock” springs. Maybe those are firmer or longer than the original springs.

The shocks shown in the link are for the front - they permit the use of an auxiliary spring for racing.

Ah that clears it up!

Hi Guys…sorry for the posting error…the adjustable Rear Gaz i was refering to are these https://www.sngbarratt.com/uk/#!/English/parts/b31da377-f564-421a-ae12-5c2a70fa6975 they still require their own spring…standard wont fit…For some reason when you click on the drawing of the rear spring on the SNG website it brings up a front one which i posted in error…will bring this up with SNG…all the best…Steve

Serveral years ago when I restored by 74’, I went with standard springs and adjustable SPAX on the back. Perfect ride height and plenty of adjustment to firmness. 40k miles later, still working great. Not sure what happened to the pricing on SPAX, at one time they were very resonable.

What diameter are the rear springs on an E-type? When I ordered adjustable struts directly from Gaz for my Mk1 Cortina, they supplied them with springs from these guys.


They stock springs in 1.9, 2.0, 2.25, and 2.5 ID in nearly every spring rate and free length imaginable. They are very reasonably priced too.

Back before 9/11, one could bring pretty much anything on in your carryon. One time that I was over in the UK, I picked up Spax shocks for my restoration at about $100 each IIRC. Yeah they were very reasonable. Checking in at Gatwick, the officer gave me a very determined stare and asked what they were. I told him “shocks for an E-type I am restoring.” A huge grin came across his face and he just started chatting asking about the project. Brits love those who love their cars! :+1: