Who rebuilds MK IX Borg Warner Auto transmissions?

Who might have a kit or just know someone who can rebuild the whole thing?

Check AC Transmissions, 66th and Federal: they used to do all the Jag trans I had to do.

Steve, pm me…Ive got someone as well…

lucky for you that the Borg Warner DG series was also apparently used in certain Studebakers and other American vehicles, apparently they are not absolutely identical, but an experienced rebuilder is a good start, as suggested to you by the other posters

assuming you are in US…UK has a rebuilder…heaven help you if located elswhere

Yes, in the UK we are blessed with Graham Whitehouse Autos in Dudley (pronounced locally as Dud-lie)

What city are they located in? My MK9 last turned in 1989…

Westminster, Colorado: last I knew, @Steve_Kennedy lived nearby.

Try a FORD specialist, same trans used, known as FMX.

Although my knowledge of the BW DG150/250 is a bit restricted, afaic, they are the same as Studebaker and some AMC, but not FMX

the later BW8, used in subsequent later MKX, and the BW12, used in XJ, are almost, but not absolutely identical to Ford FMX. They do have the same soft parts kit

presumably they are not unrelated, as the BW8 valve body is the same as a 1951 Studebaker!

there is a long post back in the archives somewhere about a fellow that sent his MK9 trans to the UK fro US to get rebuilt, only to be told it was a subbed in Stude trans, and the internals are not identical

Why don’t you replace it with an FMX, or even a late model BW65 or 66?

that may be be possible, except I havent heard of anyone doing it with the DG trans in MKIX or early MKX.

I have heard of several persons replacing it with a GM 7004 kit from Johns Cars

it is possible to use the later Jag trans to replace the BW8

I reside in the States and shipped my DG250 to Graham Whitehouse in the UK for rebuilding.

The transmission performs as original and it has not leaked a drop of fluid in four years. I was unable to locate someone in the US that I felt comfortable with.

For what it’s worth, I had a very good experience. I’ve attached a photo of the of the rebuilt transmission and torque converter as returned.


I have heard of similar situations, believe they have stock of the needed parts

At any rate, the first question I would ask a prospective rebuilder would be
" how many have you rebuilt ?"…if the answer was zero, I would look elsewhere
(not that they would want to touch it more than likely)

Steve, you asked who can re-build your Borg Warner A/T. My answer is almost anybody. The kits are available for both the hard and soft items and the transmission is so similar to a Ford FMX that a competent transmission shop should be able to do required repair.
A question I have is who is going to pull and then install the transmission? Most modern shops are not going to be familiar with a 420G and will not just be willing to learn by doing what will never be repeated.
Have you been able to identify EXACTLY what model Borg Warner you have? If it is a 250 have you located a converter? That could be a problem.
Please ignore anyone who wants you to substitute another type of A/T ( GMth350, Ford FMX ) etc as these will require EXTENSIVE modification and or fabrication to operate.
As always the more complete information you provide the better the chance you get the right answer. Pete

*The DG in our Mk2 has been rebuilt twice by Graham Whitehouse & Co - 14 years separated the builds, and the second rebuild was the result of poor maintenance on my part and a lay up because of an engine problem. I’ve been to the premises, had the guided tour from Graham and the stuff they get up to is mind blowing – all manner of mad engineering – excellent place.

gent has a DG250 in a MK9…definitely not like an FMX…see Parts and Service Manuals

BW8/12 is like an FMX

The only thing that will do (imo) is someone with experience rebuilding the Jaguar DG auto boxes. It would seem from earlier posts the OP has been given contact details.
He could also contact poster Dick Maury who would probably know

I suspect some items are NLA such as the internal copper bushes.
These are needed for a full re-manafacture.
Whitehouse probably get these parts machined to spec in house