Who's Online sort order

What governs where your profile picture appears on the line of people on-line at the moment? Mine seems to appear in roughly the same place all the time. It doesn’t appear to be alphabetic or sign-in time related. Just curious.

I think it’s by duration of the current session, but there is probably some second order sorting going on, as users do seem to “percolate” to certain positions in the list, rather than to the left.

I asked the same question about a year ago. At that time, Andrew said it was a time thing. Since then, I’ve noticed that initial sign in does indeed
start on the far right, but it is somehow not just time logged in as the avatar moves to the left. Sometimes a lot, and sometimes a little.
Also, when you go away for a few minutes, it jumps all the way right again.
Kinda curious.

I got “This video is unavailable”

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Don’t get his part, but like the rest.

yeah, but what happens if you put the old desk top to sleep while the window is still open?

might it be assumed that it is having a cat nap ?

It isn’t either of:

Of those online who last created a post.

Of those online who has spent the most time reading posts.

There is a timeout. If you computer is in sleep mode then after a while you are marked as offline.

I’m just curious, nothing earth shattering turns on this. Today, when I went online, my profile picture was sixth from the left with about 28 showing online. Now I’m fourth from left. This is roughly where my picture is, whether I’ve just come online or been online for half an hour. This consistency suggests there is some other algorithm operating.