Why doesn't [Pre-XK] show up on drop down menu with the other 36 groups?

Why doesn’t [Pre-XK] show up on drop down menu with the other 36 groups?

Hi Terry. I can see it on my drop down, second one after XK.

I have a different computer to you! :grinning:

Terry, does the menu look the same when you look at the forum on another device, such as your phone?

I moved this thread to Site Feedback, where it belongs.

I just checked, the Pre-XK category shows up on all of my devices. Could you provide us with a screenshot of when it’s not showing for you? Or, if you can’t do a screenshot, perhaps describe when and where it doesn’t show?


another screen shot just now never tried to acces on a phoe or other computer

Have you checked your Settings>Notifications>Categories?

At the bottom there is a “Muted” list of all the Categories (Forums) that you do not want to see or hear about. My list there is extensive, so I only see about a dozen Categories on my drop-down menu. It would be worth checking in case Pre-XK got accidentally muted in your settings.