Wild Cat Replica

Need to sell my late husbands Wild Cat looking for ideas on a price to ask
Car is in France but never registered here still uk registered
Wondering if i would be better to take it back to the UK or to sell in Europe

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Hi…far easier to sell in the UK if its UK registeted…the easy option would to get an auction site to value and sell it…the best way for you to get an idea of value is to google search Wildcats and look at past sales…condition is most important…as is how its been built…with all Jaguar engine etc the most valuable…some use ford engins etc…one thing to beware …was the car correctly registered…does it say Wildcat on the V5 document…some of these repli as are driving on their doner car papers…Steve…ps check out this wild cat site https://www.jprwildcat.co.uk/

Thanks Steve
Suppose best way is to get it back to the UK
My late husband never registered it in France it’s just been sat in the garage for the last 8 years
Regards Eileen