Will not shift from park or start

(clarkecars) #1

1995 XJ12 was fine the other day, now it will not shift out of park or start.

(j limongelli) #2

Go slow, it wont get out of the gate or it does but doesn’t go into gear.
Two different things
If it wont go out of the gate the start screw must be taken out to unlock the spring load.
If its in gear and shifts to drive but doesn’t move?
That tranny is a BULLET PROOF TURBO 400 GM but modern.
Then the shift cable came lose unless it imploded, very rare.

(clarkecars) #3

It doesn’t shift out of the gate. Is the neutral safety switch stuck from sitting a couple of weeks?

(Foggyoo) #4

Foot on brake???

(j limongelli) #5

Clark , you have a safety switch which unlocks the shifter gate when you hit the brake.
Put your key on and STAB the brake pedal hard and listen for the click to release the gate shifter.
If you don’t hear it with the key on or running , its the switch behind the pedal arm.
You can bypass it by taking the star screw off you shift console.
You can see the arm and spring to release it.
First STAB the pedal, sometimes it could get stuck or lose.
If you can go behind the pedal and see if you can see the wires and wiggle it.
Good luck, but that’s your issue. hopefully the wires are just loose.
Report back.

(clarkecars) #6

of course, fresh AGM battery, ignition on etc.

(clarkecars) #7

thanks! Except for a poor ground post from galvanic corrosion causing alternator failure after failure she’s been a good car. I have an XJ8L but it isn’t the 6.0 12.

(j limongelli) #8

The x300 whether xj6/xjr or the v12 was the greatest of the bunch,I had them all
They still look wonderful.
Good luck

(clarkecars) #9

Believe it or not my 1988 XJ6 base model, which I only parted with last year, was the most reliable ever. Its only real flaw was the location of the external fuel pump which would vapor lock in extreme heat. Outside of that she was terrific and made 25 to 27 mpg hwy.

(j limongelli) #10

My uncle had the first year xj40 , never changed the oil, antifreeze and beat the crap out of it.
It made 156,000 miles. But you had to go through 10,000 xj40s to get the one that didn’t fall apart.

(clarkecars) #11

Stabbing the brake did it! She fired right up as usual. Thanks, great tip.

(j limongelli) #12

Xo…just another lucky guess😀
Get under there one day, I bet the button is off the clips a hair and needs to be pushed back in.
All the best, put another 100,00000 miles, I love those cars.