Will the next Jaguar XJ (2019) be electric?

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Autocar seems to think so. According to the article, which has been extensively quoted elsewhere, Jaguar will launch the new XJ this year, for deliveries next year. The car will be a brand new design, and will feature 5 doors. According to Ian Callum, “The very idea of the saloon needed to be reinvented in the face of electrification, the rise of the SUV and the unexpected acceptance of hatchbacks in the US due to Tesla.”

That leaves just one question: Would you buy one?

Not the first year, and, were it in my price range, and showed itself to relable, ya durn tootin’ I would!

Yes, this is all very interesting. Really something. Genuinely is a new world for Jaguar and the world of automobiles now.

While I find autopilot tech for cars silly and absurd, electric cars are inevitably the future.

I recall reading a note recently from a reputable source, and excuse me I can’t recall where now, it was just the other day…that Jaguar intends to go full electric by 2020.

And elsewhere had read that they came very, very close to going full electric in the last couple of years sometime, but only by a very narrow margin chose not to …yet.

This is all beyond me. It is all interesting however, and internal combustion will become the exception rather than the rule.

Final note, fwiw, technology leads all to become the same in the end…that’s the problem. A singularity will and must occur. At least for mass production. Mfrs. cannot ignore technological innovations for long. Individuality as a result of tech innovation and Govt controls will be eliminated eventually.


For numerous reasons, I believe both are inevitable, for the future.

SDCs, maybe a bit higher hurdle, but they are getting very good, and I welcome both modalities.

What happens when you tell a kid he can’t eat ice cream and cake all the time? Not much, because kids are not trained to believe that the world is all ice cream and cake.

This story about EVs again misses a central point of understanding: we were spoiled by fossil hydrocarbons. Transport isn’t as cheap as hydrocarbons made transport seem. Huge distances at little inconvenience and particularly at low expense were ice cream and cake.

Trying to make a diet version of ice cream and cake that is exactly like the real thing isn’t possible. The 140 years we’ve enjoyed with fossil hydrocarbons don’t represent baseline reaiity, but were a prolonged illusion. Transport is quite a bit more expensive and slightly more difficult than we’ve trained ourselves to believe.

Get over it.