Will XK120 wheels fit a MK2?

I’ve been thinking about 16" wires for the MK2. I know these don’t “belong” there for a restoration, but hang with me. Will they fit? The center hole looks like it might be smaller than the MK2, but my car currently has bolt-on steel wheels so I don’t have a comparison. If they are smaller, will the XK120 hub bolt to the MK2? Is there a weight difference concern?

There’s a 16" wheel for the E-type, but only available in “competition chrome” or stainless at very high prices.

Will 15" E-type wheels fit MK2 hubs? Will E-Type hubs with the MK2? They’re listed with different part numbers, but it’s hard to imagine that they’re actually different.

The XK120 Wire Wheel are to weak for a MK2.
All jaguars use 52mm center
For Mk2 always use 72 spoke wire wheels.
You need to buy hubs for a MK2.
E-type Wheels will fit, but depends on the width.
When you look on the site http://shop.mwsint.com/ you can find all sizes and there offset for jaguar.

Thank you!