Window Operation

I have a 2008 XF SV8. The drivers side window has started to play up. Press the auto down and the window goes don smoothly then stops about 4 inches from fully down. Will not go completely down no matter what. Pull the auto up and the window goes smoothly up to the fully closed position then auto reverses to the aforesaid “not completely down” position then stops. I can get it to the fully closed position using small discreet movements. All other windows operate as they should. I haven’t yet pulled the door trim off to look but any ideas would be appreciated

When you have it up try keeping the switch in the up position for 5 seconds and then try to get it going down and see what happens.
On my wifes Mazda the way to reset the auto windows is to go down and keep the switch depressed for 5 second and then take the window up and when at the top hod again fr 5 seconds. Might work the same for the Jag?

Thanks for the tip Robin. I gave it a try but as soon as I lifted
the switch the window immediately auto reversed into the almost
down postion.

If I remember correctly it will do the auto reverse three times, then you can fully raise it. Is a safety feature :slight_smile:
Had same problem on a 2009 XF but it was on pass side. So it wasn’t as much of an issue…since at ATMs or drive-ups the driver side was okay.

IIRC the reset on my 2003 350Z is a 10 second hold. Lower window and hold for slow count of ten. Release switch and then hold up and continue holding for 10 once up. Never could get it to work on the Jag and didn’t want to spend the bucks and time to replace window motor…since it was pass side