Windscreen Pillar on OTS

Unfortunately upon moving to HI my e type body shell sustained some damage to the RH windscreen pillar. It was pushed to the inside of the car by what appears to be a few inches.

Has anyone done any work on aligning / replacing these and what else did you find tweaked?

What was the replacement process like? Does half the car have to be taken apart?

And yea I am not real happy about this either.

Need photos to see the damage …the exposed part of the a pillar is not integral to the structural integrity, but the rest of it is …… for doors and scuttle etc are you insured? There are reputable resto shops that can usually fix these issues ….the problem will be to ensure exact alignment ….you need the windscreen to fit…. So you’ll need to have the screen, top chrome , seal with locking strip in, hood frame attached .all dry fitted before you can say …… yep looking correct……. Do not accept anything less look for yourself do not rely on others ….it is your car after all and you don’t want to paint it all and then find out that it’s not right

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I found these images online a few years ago and used them to check that my 67 ots pillars had not been shifted in a previous accident or restoration. They may help you get yours re-aligned. If you are not set up to do it yourself a good body man should be able to jack that pillar back into position fairly easily. Sorry about the picture quality but they should be usable. I found that my measurements were within 1/16 of the ones in the picture so I am pretty confident the measurements are accurate. Perhaps someone else with a bare shell will measure and confirm.

I need to finish the uncrate to take some good pictures.

Thanks for this. This will be helpful.

well, I dont know how anyone can measure this accurately even without upholstery but here goes:

can’t locate on center of hole of win. posts but using the near edge of the left and the far edge of the right (to avg center?) I get: 43 13/16 inches

From the diagonal which is even harder I get:
from shelf of car to outside corner, because I can see how you could measure inside corner up top:

32 1/4 inch but it is a highly variable result because of the limits of tape and human talent.

Looks like it is right there in the ballpark. To measure distances accurately between two edges the small laser tools work very well. I have a bosch and I love it. They advertise 1/8 inch accuracy but I have found it is accurate down to 1/32 over short distances.

I would suggest the best way to ensure the pillars are correct is to check how the windscreen fits. Set it in place with a few (perhaps 4?) short sections of the correct rubber seal to put it in the proper position, then make sure there is a consistent gap between the edge of the glas and the opening on all three sides. If the opening is not correct, you will be breaking windscreens. If the windscreen fits properly, it probably doesn’t much matter if the tops of the posts are not precisely where the measurements say they should be.


I agree, however, the problem Dan is having is that his one pillar has been bent out of shape. Using measurements to get it back in the correct position will be necessary to locate it accurately enough to do the final test fitting and fine tuning. Otherwise the positioning will be only guess work.

A couple of pictures for clarity.

Definitely bent! Do you have any pics with it out in the open? Looks like it may have been pushed downwards as well.

How it came out of the container in HI before storage.