Windshield wiper arm

I picked up a set of NOS wiper arms off of eBay.

I went to switch them out last night and was surprised to find this attachment mechanism. I’ve checked with the nearby auto parts stores thinking there may be some adapter accessible to convert it to a pin-style arm.

Anything have these arms, or know where to get blades or adapters?

This is a bit puzzling. The parts illustrations show this exact setup, with the wiper blade frame having a pin that enters from one side. This, of course, doesn’t match any normal arm setup that I’m aware of.

I think I’ve found a pair. On UK eBay, pricey, and NOS, so the rubber is probably dried out. They call them “side pin” which isn’t helpful finding more because of the more common side-pin-on-the-arm style.

Just put new rubber squeegee blades in and don’t ever buy the metal parts new again. It’s likely the standard “fits all brands” replacement rubber blades fit just as well as the originals.

I bet though that you can find those side pin assemblies in the US as well?

I don’t think anyone makes this style arm anymore, at least in the US. Maybe there’s a US/ROW difference in original arms.

I bought the pin-style arm (not knowing it was pin-style) as an aesthetic upgrade. They were only $15 for the pair. I figured they would look nicer than anything I could achieve at that price.

At this point think I’ll keep my originals (j-hook style) and, if need be, refurbish them. To switch over I’m looking at $100+ when it’s all done.

No, the idea is that you buy the pin style wipers and just replace the rubber part. They must pop up on ebay every now and then? Can’t be too expensive either but when your originals are still okay…