Winter ..taking it's toll on my daily driver :-(

Just been through a very wet (sodden) few weeks and the old bus is beginning to squawk a bit. Fair play, it’s been bloody awful, raining so much it’s almost like being in the UK again!

First annoyance wasn’t weather related, I decided to swap out the temp sensor to see if it gave me any better gas mileage. I guess I got a defective new part so the car had a hard time starting …swapped the old one back in and all was back to normal.

Next we had a dump of snow that only lasted a couple of days, but it was a bunch. After the roads got plowed I had to back up quite a bit to get a run at getting over the mound left by the plow. Reversing ended up piling a load of snow under the already not-so-secure front spoiler and tearing the weakass screws out so the spoiler was now hanging down low enough that it grounded out on the pile of snow between the tire tracks in the road. GRRRRR …

A few days later, the CD changer decided to quit, giving me the “no disk” error (E-30). I’d replaced the changer once before, about 5 years back and still had the old unit plus a BMW Alpine unit of the same vintage. I had another spare too, from the parts car stash, but the PO of the parts car had swapped out his changer with a 1995 X300 unit - fine and dandy, but none of my 94 MY cassettes fit and the X300 unit didn’t come with a cassette.
I decided to try and make 1 good unit out of 3 so dismantled the spares (not the X300 one of course) swapping the circuit boards with good known mechanisms. Didn’t get a good unit yet, thinking maybe the laser had finally quit. I do use the changer continually after all. Instead of flogging the dead horse yet again, I checked out the price of early X300 cassettes on Ebay (high).
Not happy with those deals so finally bought a complete (apparently working) non-specific 1995 Alpine changer w/cassette for $50 free ship. Cassette will fit the X300 unit I have so maybe I’ll be ok even if the changer chokes. The DIN plug looks the same as my cable so hopefully all good.

Fired up the radio for literally the first time in years and after one day of news, crap jazz, fuzzy classics and what passes for pop, think I’ll leave it off till the changer gets here.

Lastly, (well let’s hope it the last thing), the damn third brake light fell off the glass so when I brake, the interior of the car gets a nice warm red glow. Any good stickums for the housing? Was thinking the mirror adhesive stuff from a glass shop?

Anyway, it’s been that kind of month - the challenges of driving a 26 year old Jag as a daily …oh well, spring is just around the corner. :woozy_face:

Kinda same here, minus the car hassles (cuz I DO NOT drive Margaret as a DD…yet).

Winter finally arrived here with a (relative) vengeance, and I’m getting a bit antsy for spring.

It’s ONLY 2.5 months away!