Wiper Arm Question

One of my wiper arms raises to a vertical position and parks there. Two don’t. What seems to be the difference is the “hump” at the hinge and the ability for the arm to rotate over the hump and park. Other than that, all three arms look identical and I believe they are original.

Should the arms park vertically? Easier to clean the windshield and exercise the wiper mechanisms.

Vertical pics first, non-hump pics follow.

I’ve stumped the gallery?

On a Series 1, should the wiper arms raise and stay put? If so, any speculation on how two of my arms are flatter and won’t raise and stay?

Lastly, any recommendation for a replacement arm that does raise and stay? I’ve looked at the vendors and the stainless one with the screw looks kind of cheesy.


John, on my S1, all three appear to be the same and have the hump. I guess they are original, they have been on the car since 1980.


Thanks, Tom, and therefore your wipers will stay raised. I’m just baffled as to how two of mine lost the hump and they will not simply bend back by forcing. It’s the hump area that the hinge goes through.

I suppose I could drill out the pin and try reshape the hump, but it’s all kind of weird.

I do not know, but I doubt they could be changed without ruining them. Do the odd ones lift up as far to as great of an angle as the one that does remain up?

No. The hump one lifts up 90 degrees, let’s say and parks. The straight ones lift up 45 degrees and don’t park. You can see on the backside a slot for the spring to slip into when fully “parked.” The straight ones have the slot, but never reach it because their movement is limited on the chrome side.

All those photos look pretty humpy to me. All three of mine park, and all three avec hump if that tells you anything.

I stopped trying to do it though after having a couple decide to snap back spontaneously on their own. The parked state can be very tenuous and the snap back can be catastrophe for your screen.

Photos can be tough, especially on chrome. Trust me, two are almost flat and the arm just hits the chrome rather than rotating around a hump.

Thanks for the warning should I “fix” the issue.

I have a few wiper arms from early cars ('62 and '65) and none have the “park” feature, in fact, they only move up about 45 degrees.