Wiper system upgrade!

Hello to all the folks who have suffered the dismal wiper performance. I’ve been trying to figure out a legitimate upgrade to the wiper system on my 1971 xj and I think I’ve finally found something that fits the bill. I don’t have a complete writeup for the install and probably wont do one. The install is not difficult at all. I found a universal wiper system for hotrods that uses the same cable style system our jaguars came with. This system has a much more powerful motor as well as a thicker cable and larger wiper gear. I haven’t had the opportunity to put it through the the paces yet since I’m in the middle of a ls1 install. I cant imagine its not a significant upgrade.

I started with a kit from Specialty power windows. I chose the kit with intermittent wiper switch part# wwk2I. There’s a kit with just a 2 speed rocker switch (wwk2r) that would be a good fit for someone wants a factory look and functionality. I had to make a mount for the motor/gearbox out of 3" aluminum angle. It fits in the same spot as the original wiper motor. The the wiper transmissions needed to be trimmed to fit in the stock location, but is achievable with a cutoff tool. I’ll try to get a few more pictures of the modifications that are needed to make it all workout, but the whole adventure is doable in an afternoon or two.

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Welcome to the forum Joseph, looks like it could be a good upgrade, I take it its a full kit with the spindles and wheel boxes?

Yes, its a complete kit. It comes with everything needed for the install. I only used the stock outside wiper covers. It looks completely stock. Which is the way I wanted it.

Another feature that’s useful with this setup is that you can easily change the park position 180 degrees if you want the wipers to park on the other side.

I can confirm that and vouch for the entire system.
It’s a very good product and well built.
I installed it on my AH3000 kit car that’s been on the road for 17 years here in the Pacific North West. It’s seen a lot of use.