Wire wheel repair in Melbourne

Not for a Jag but when I took the tyres off my Austin 7 Special the rims were rusted badly. I put two of them into an electrolysis bath and after all the rust was gone it proved the rims are not worth saving. Not too surprising considering they are 94 years old.

Has anyone had experience with getting new rims made up and spoking them to the old hubs? All plain steel with no chrome.

Rims are 19" and take a 3.50 tyre.

I’ll ask tonight when at the pushrod register meet… Maybe speak to a Harley Heaven?

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I had to rebuild a wheel with a new hub. I didn’t have a free axle to work on but devised my own method. Wheel Rebuilding (nostalgiatech.co.uk)


How many spokes, 48? Possibly MGTA are the same.
There are two varieties, spokes in the center valley and spokes at the outer edge of the rim. The rim is 19" and width is 3.5"


They are pretty specific. Wish they looked like to photo below. Stamped Austin in the centre of the hub. I am chasing down a few options. I just spent half the day removing the other three tyres and cutting them up. May have a single wheel that would do as the spare.



Ian is dropping by this arvo, thanks for that. Fingers crossed. I do have another option and if that fails it is off to a vintage motorcycle wheel repairer.

So 36 spokes and 3 bolts on the hub.
There is a shop in the UK called Motor Wheel Service that may be able to help. I imagine they have seen Austin wheels before now.

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Give Paul Zazryn at Australian Classic Wire Wheels. Austin 7 wheels are not listed but he will most likely have contacts.


I’m following up a few contacts here in Melbourne and have the number of a wheel rebuilder. Luckily someone in the Austin club offered me a free set of 4 rims undimpled so I’ll get them dimpled. Also have a couple of people with wheels to check out.

Thanks for everyone helping with good advice :+1::+1::+1: