Wires cutted unrecognized

i removed the cover in front of the right seat, I noticed flying wires … does anyone recognize them? I state that cruise control doesn’t work, maybe it’s its cables?

Max …

Can you trace any of the wires back to a relay or connector ? That would really help in identifying them.

It looks like someone has been busy under there with wire cutters and electrical tape.

Can you get a closeup of those, for color and location? I can’t zoom on the photo but I have some butt conns in the location on the right side that are attached, can’t see the colors on the left.

all these…2 greens - 1 red/black - 1 sky/white and that (4 wires) in the black stripe

All wires coming from the left part, under the steering wheel

Look under the console, If ths is the budle I have a connector and both ends go under the center.

You may want to pull the ski slope to find the where the other half is. Or is supposed to be.

i will make all…but i can’t understand what that wires control…in this car works all! only cruise control doesn’t go…and after I have the usually allarm “bulb failure” and low brake pression…maybe I can live without connecting that wires :grinning::grinning:

I dont see the wires at the cc bundle, allseats and center console buttons work?

all works…only cruise control, the luminosity changer under steering wheel, the light D in the instrument square and the electronic locking of the baggage…after that 2 allarm of exterior bulbs and ABS…

Time to pull the ski slope, pretty easy job.