Wiring 1990 xjs ac to v8 with 1991 Camaro compressor

I think I have the ac wired up except for one tan wire that is on the harness for the engine (it is with the oil pressure, tach, etc harness). I’ve got the schematics I found online and everything come up “ac” I wired the green and white wire to compressor clutch the ground out of it to the high low switch and the green and brown wire to the h/l switch also and then fro it to a ground but can’t figure what the tan wire is for sure. Any suggestions I searched on here but couldn’t find any answers

I can’t find any tan wires in the diagrams. Can you verify the color? The colors can fade; sometime you have to open up the sheathing to find an un-faded section.

Is your compressor engaging?


**Sorry it took so long I just finally got a chance to work on it again. I pulled all the sheath back and the wire I’m questioning is coming out do the harness that has the tech, oil pressure, temp, and etc that is used for the swap. After pulling it back someone spliced the tan wire into it and it’s originally a green and brown coming from harness and then a green and white on pass fenderwell I think goes to the clutch and a brown and black I thought went to the h/l switch

Anyone have any idea what this wire is for

Green/brown should be the compressor circuit, from the cabin to the compressor relay and from the relay to the compressor

Green/white goes to the kickdown solenoid in the transmission

Brown/black is the ‘exciter wire’ from the alternator to the dashboard warning light

All this from a 1989 diagram but probably same on a 1990