Wiring diagram for -ve trigger relay

i am installing a thermo fan on my xk140 using a modern 12v relay.I have heaps of drawings showing the wiring to the relay for -ve to earth,however what goes where(86 87 30 85) when using +ve to earth.The trigger is obviously -ve.The fan is being controlled by a in cabin switch.

Hey John where in Oz are you? I’m in Melb and happy to show… Easy to just buzz out terminals with a multimeter.

In Yeppoon .not real close.What do you mean to buzz out,im a spanners man.

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Lol. Let me see what I can sketch up for you… Stay tuned…

Do you want the fan to be able to run only when the ignition is on, or anytime the switch is on?

Here you go… I’m assuming the fan motor has two wires; i.e. the housing of the fan motor is plastic and you need to connect a cable to earth.
This diagram has the control for the relay supplied from the fused ignition circuit. Cables will be green and come from terminal A4 on the fuse box.

Spot on Jon exactly what im after Thanks very much JOHN

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