Wiring diagram manette


I’m looking for the internal wiring/internal connections of my 1948 MK IV DHC
There are three levels
1 indicator level with 4 connection points
2 Dip switch level with even 5 connection points
3 push horn level with one connection point
and as the wiring diagram indicates there are only 5 wires going to the

herewith pictures

(Ed Nantes) #2

Rob’s diagram posted here shows the connections in the magnette. Not all of those mentioned are terminals, some are just threads for assembly.
It is handy to use 5 core trailer wire for the manette,

(Graham Jordan) #3

Hi Polti.
I have a complete one, with wiring, sitting on my workbench but unfortunately am away for a further 3 1/2 weeks. If you don’t receive the info you require before then drop me a line at the end of the month and I can send you photos.
Cheers, Graham.

(Rob Reilly) #4


(Kevin Thorpe) #5

Hi Graham
Happy new year to you.
Do you still have that manette assembly. If polti does not take it , i might be interested if it suites my ss 1936 1.5 saloon. And what would it be worth plus postage.

Kind regards

(Graham Jordan) #6

Hi Kevin.
Sorry but the one I was referring to is out of my car that I was reassembling on the workbench.
I think it would also be different to the 36 model.
Have you seen there is a 36 1 1/2 for sale at Gosford car museum?
Regards, Graham