Wishbone lever part C3013 needed!

I have a 1961 Jaguar Mark IX. Either the towing company or Body Shop bent mine. Wishbone lever part C3013 needed!!!
If anyone has one please let me know! My phone number is 404-259-9969 and I’m in Marietta Georgia. Thank you in advance!!!
If anyone knows of someone parting out a Mark IX and could send me the contact info I sure would appreciate it. I’ve already contacted Jack White, Tom Brady, Jaguar Heaven and Welsh Enterprises.

It is number 12 in the illustration

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By your forum handle I assume this is for a Mark 9 but would be good to update your forum info with your car identification.

More than happy to do that! Maybe you can guide me? In my haste to get this post that I left out that pertinent information!

12 is quite mild steel, and easy to make straight.
On my XK150 both were bend, and it was easy not make straight.

My thoughts as well a bit of heat should make it easy to straighten that out.

I too suggest you straighten it.

If you look in the manual you may find a dimensional drawing for it. Jaguar often did this for front suspension components in case of damage.

IT doesn’t look as though these are “handed” so you should be able to use the one on the other side for comparison.

I think, but this is NOT intuitive, click on your circle icon at the top of the screen on the right, Then on the person silhouette then on summary, then expand. Maybe someone who is forum savvy can help.

Found this on the Site Feedback forum which is better.:
Click on your icon in the upper right of the screen

Four smaller icons will appear under your icon. Click on the stylized head and shoulders, the one with no neck on the far right.

A pop up menu will. . . . . pop up. Click on “Preferences”.

You’ll see a screen with your “User Name”, below that is “Picture Profile”, below that is “Name” with a box below that you can fill in with text (See first picture with a red arrow pointing to the box). Put your desired information there and then DON’T FORGET to scroll down to the bottom of the screen and clock on the blue box that reads “Save Changes” (ee second picture with a red arrow pointing to the box).


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I just wanted to thank everyone for their input and suggestions. I was able to get my original arm back on by adjusting the amount of movement on the entire suspension. As always I appreciate everyone’s input in this great form that we have to communicate and help each other…
Thank you,!!!

Good outcome! Always good to see these beauties on the road.

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