WIX oil filter? 3.8

Wix filters seem to be a popuar spin on choice…but which model# there are several…any other suggestions? I seee Cool Cat likes Purelator

Try to cross reference the Purolator number to Wix.

Oil filter cross reference (oilfilter-crossreference.com)

(If this cross refence tool doesn’t work for you there are others available.)

Wix 51085 (short) or 51515 (longer). The longer one painted in the hammerite green looks reasonably like the original canister.

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The Jag filter is superior IMO. Then the Hengst. Tore apart several spin ons on it was obviously superior, to me anyway.
Have a post somewhere with picts and description if interested.
Some didn’t think much of the comparison but looked obvious to me

When one hefts the Hengst, one can tell it’s built well, and reports seem to suggest it works quite well.

Rock Auto had them for $2.50, so bought what may be a lifetime supply for the Jeep.

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I had never heard of Hengst till I saw your response(s). I just did a quick search and I’m glad you mentioned RockAuto. I just ordered 4 of them. Thanks for the tip!

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Wow, great price! Sometimes rockauto has some special pricing on some premium items. Worth checking.


This is from the post in Etype UK forum. Lots of useful info throughout. It rolls into what filter is best.


My post #42 with comments and destruction pictures on a Jag, Hengst, WIX, and Hastings. With some comments on some others.There were some that thought it not useful. I thought it was just a simple comparison that seemed to be valid and informative.

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Got a 51515 only to find it will not screw onto the Cool Kat adaptor…too small


The thread size on the Wix 51515 = 3/4"-16UNF; CoolCat adapter = 1"-12UNF - as mentioned on the CoolCat website “It takes the large Jaguar spin on AC #PF964.”

I’m using the Wix 51515 but the spin-on adapter is a different make.

I’m also using the 51515 on my adapter. Bought that maybe 25 years ago from Welsh I believe.

That also fits a few Bentleys.

Fits Astons, too. Although there’s a separate spec for Aston, thus the Fram PH2995A.

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Oh, and if you’re interested in the PH2995A, try AC Delco PF605G, which is also spec’d for Aston. The other company that used 1"-12 filters is Caterpillar, but you have to be careful because some of their applications don’t require drainback flaps.

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If you like the Fram pH 2995 A, couldn’t find in the US anywhere, get the Jaguar EBC 9658, same filter internally from what I saw.

FWIW Engine Masters tested about a dozen filters and decided the best one, based on flow rate and filtration was the K&N Gold which filtered at 10 microns and had one of the highest flow rates. They also commented on the good construction.

One more heavy duty option for 1"-12 filters is Porsche 911, all through the 80’s. These usually had higher pressure relief valves.

Ive got a 964 coming hopefully the end of this story