WTB: 420, S-type, or Mark X (or 420g)

Hello all. I am looking for a 420, S-Type (3.8s) or Mark X (or 420g). Not looking for a project - think a good condition #3 car, with body and paint condition being very good, mechanically sound, and good interior - although interior is the least important of the three. I’m not looking for a concourse restored car, nor looking to pay the really high price for one, but I am willing to pay appropriately for the right car - If it presents really well and drives without issue, its probably in the ball park. I am in Washington State, but I’ve bought cars from all over the country. Cash and space are available, and I don’t need to ask anyone for permission , lol. Car MUST also be an automatic.

If you have one of these cars that you think fits, and you are willing to sell it to me (obviously) please do get in touch. Thanks. P.S. I am not currently looking at MkII simply because I have / had several of them already and looking for a change - unless it has the 700R4, that might tempt me back.