WTB Used E-type original hardtop headliner material

I realize this is a longshot, but I’m seeking to buy anyone’s original E-type vinyl hardtop liner that he’s replaced but not discarded. There are five pieces in all but what I seek primarily is the large centre section piece from which to cut out replacements for the side pieces that are ratty on mine.

Failing that, I may offer the original centre section of my hardtop’s headliner to an enthusiast who’s also seeking to restore his hardtop to original spec. Either way, drop me a PM.

This is what the material looks like:

Not positive, since I’ve sold the top,but, looks like the same material in an Austin Healey hardtop also. Just another place to look.

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Thanks for the lead, Frank.

Try Bill Hirsh.


Will do. Thanks, Wiggs.