X-type 2.2 litre Diesel Estate FWD Manual; Limp home mode


My son’s X-type has over some time occasionally gone into “restricted performance” (limp home) mode but a restart has removed the condition, so I haven’t actually involved myself in the issue.

This week, however, the problem took on a more permanent characteristic, urging me to get on the case. I found, after searching our excellent archives, that there have been reports of this in the past, specifically one that matched up nicely with our issue; When reducing speed by shifting down on approaching (for instance) a roundabout, at a certain rpm and clutch partly depressed, the condition occurs every time! (Glow plug symbol flashes.)

Upon immediately stopping and starting the car again, the ABS light is lit and then disappears almost immediately. Pulling away, the car will run as normal until the next time the above occurs. Trying to avoid said MO by say reducing the speed earlier before the roundabout and thus run through it without downshift and use of the clutch, avoids the problem.

Has anyone experienced this, and more importantly, found the cause and fixed it?

Kind regards,
Bard Thomas

Not many takers here then… Let’s see if I can make it a little more tangible; The other day, in addition to, or rather instead of the original issue which hasn’t arisen afterwards, I got these indications: ABS light on permanently and the message DCS SYSTEM FAULT in the display.

Would that ring any bells?

Kind regards,
Bard Thomas

No idea really but hows the state of the battery? Sometimes this can be the root of all sorts of gremlins.

Hi Robin,
Good question as this is often the easiest but omitted thing to check. The battery is in top condition, though.


Hi Bard,
I hope that you got to the bottom of your problem. If not, I would like to tell you my experience with a similar problem. Ours is a 2.0D that is not used much and is in Spain. We had the same problem, Glow plug light on and limp home mode, also the traction control warning came on. A local mechanic changed the Diesel filter and I gave it a good “Italian Tune Up” to the red line a few times and since then we have driven a couple of thousand KM without a problem. It was, probably, either the vanes on the “Variable Vane Turbo” sooting up and sticking because of lack of use, or the fuel pressure dropping because of a blocked filter.
Let us know how you get on with it.