[x-type] Air bag light

Hi Folks,
The passenger side Air Bag light comes on after about 1km driving
and stays on. Any idea what the problem might be and how to fix
the fault? RHD car.

Paul. 1975 XJ5.3-C,1998 X308 Sport 3.2L, 2002 X Type Manual.
Central West, NSW, Australia
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In reply to a message from One Coupe sent Mon 26 Sep 2016:

My car (left hand drive) has been doing the same thing off and on
for a while. It seems to be in the under seat mechanism. It will go
out and stay out for a while after I reach under and pull/fiddle
with the unit underneath.–
Tom Hishon, 69 E-type 2+2, 69 E-type OTS, 85 XJ6, '03 X-type
Wasilla, Alaska, United States
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Jaguar airbag code 33 or 34. When the airbag light starts flashing record what sequence the airbag flashes, mine was flashing 34.

Had error code 3 and 4 flashing on dash. This equates to Passenger side front Safety belt pretensioner circuit fault.

So disconnected battery and waited 15 minutes (YOU MUST DISCONNECT THE BATTERY FIRST). Pushed the passenger seat back and Removed the two front bolts holding down the front passenger seat, then pulled seat forward to show back cover covering the 4 front passenger side seat bolts, removed this cover, and then removed these bolts, From front of seat tipped seat backwards so I could see the two pretensioner wire that go into the connector at the front of the seat. I disconnect the two pretensioner cables from the front connector, just in case there was a faulty connection, did this then put everything back in reverse order. Connected the battery and switched on the ignition. To my amazement the error code changed from 34 to 33, this indicates that the Front drivers side safety belt pretensioner circuit was at fault. So did exactly the same with the front seat, disconnecting the battery and waiting 5 minutes then removing bolts and then disconnecting the two pretensioners from the front connector, reconnected the pretensioners, put everything back in reverse order. connected the battery again, and to my amazement I did not have any codes flashing, so it was just a loose connection under both seats. Hope this helps some one.

Hi John, welcome to the forums, I am sure this will help people so thanks for the info.
Could you possible identify the wire colours for those circuits?
I have a pass side seat belt fault at present, from memory its 34.

Hi Robin
MOST IMPORTANTLY YOU NEED TO DISCONNECT THE BATTERY AND WAIT 15 MINUTES BEFORE ATTEMPTING THIS. If you follow the wires from the seat belt buckle, you will find it leads to a connector block under the front of the seat, the block is held together with a small bolt, unscrew the bold and disconnect, also fiddle with the wires at the back of the connector block, gently pushing them in, reconnect the block and do up the bolt, connect the battery and either the airbag light will not blink, or it will blink with code 3 3, which is the drivers side seat belt buckle, repeat the process with the drivers side connector block - if you are still getting the 3 4 blinking airbag light, repeat the process on the passenger seat, BUT MAKE SURE YOU DISCONNECT THE BATTERY BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO DO THIS. I think the problem is with wires that go into the connector block. It seems to happen when the seat is moved back or forward, but not all the time, its a very very annoying fault with the Jaguar X type 2007, my friend has the 2008 facelift model, and does not have this problem. Since owning my X type for 2 years, I have had this problem twice, which I have resolved, first time having to disconnect the connector block under each seat. The second time I installed new brake discs and pads, and had the air bag light flashing 3 4, I really do not know why the air bag system would have been affected, but it did, with the air bag light flashing 3 4, the second time it happened I disconnect the passenger side connector block and gently push the wire on the back of the block, connected everything back together, connected the battery and the air bag problem had disappeared. Hope this helps you.

Thanks John I’ll try this tomorrow if the weather is fine.

The second time I did it, I did not remove the seat, just pushed the seat back and stuck my head under the front seat, where the connector is clearly visible, the first time I did it, I was following the Haynes manuals advice, if you have not got a Haynes manual on the X type, I would recommend getting one, YouTube is good, but the Haynes manual is a very much trusted source of how to do repairs on the Jaguar. Another word of advice if you are putting Supermarket fuel into your car, make sure you buy Millers Economax and add this to your tank everytime you fill up the bottle is good for 500 litres of fuel, so will last a long time. Also a week before your MOT, put in a bottle of Comma Diesel or Petrol Magic, in your car depending on what car you have.


Thanks I don’t touch supermarket fuel, it either gets RON 95 or 98
Very few SM fuels here in NZ.
Running 3.0 litre Soverign (orXJR)

Did it sort your problem?

Thanks John, weathers not been conducive to getting out there at present.