X type sagging headlights


Hi my x type is a 2006 SE the headlights have sagged right down too low for driving at night .
I saw a fix on u tube on a S Type ( are they the same head lights as the X ):confused::confused::confused: they screwed a screw in which lifted it up ?

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The factory service manual has a chapter on this question. I haven’t read it, don’t need it yet.


Thanks for that

Regards Noel

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I have 3 X-types, and EVERY one of them has had this problem. I just bought my last one a few weeks ago, and have not gotten to fixing it yet. You will need to get on Ebait, or one of the other ‘usual’ suppliers to buy the X-type headlight repair kit(s). You may want to do some shopping around, as there are a few different ones, made of different materials. The S-type kits won’t fit in the X-type headlights, so be sure you get the right kits. The CHEAP plastic that Hella used in the Jag headlight innerd mounts breaks or comes loose inside, and the only fix is to take the light housing apart and replace the original pieces. It is laborious but once you are done, they will outlast the trash that was in them originally. Get a kit for both headlights, even if you only have one bad headlight currently. You will save time ordering the second kit in the future.

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I have had a 2002 X Type for over a year now and have never heard of this problem, ever, on any car. So what happens and how can I tell if it is happening to my car?


Hi Grahame the beams point 6ft down to road , therefore you cannot see ahead of you , only on hi beam, mine has collapsed completely it is something to do with level control

Regards Noel PS I live in the Tropics


Hi Kassaq thanks for reply, do you do the job yourself ? lf so how big a job is it?
Regards Noel

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Yes, I definitely do the job myself. You will need to take the bumper cover off enough to get to all the headlight housing bolts (labour intensive, but not too difficult), then you take the headlight housings out (again, a little labour intensive, but not difficult). Once you have the housings out, you need to separate the front from the back half, and the broken pieces inside will be self evident. To separate the halves, some people heat the housings in an oven to soften the soft rubber caulk sealing them. I generally take my time and have a half dozen thin aluminium small pieces to slide into the front housing lock tabs on the sides of the housings to keep them ‘open’ (again self evident when you look at the housing). If you need more sealing caulk to reseal the housings on reassembly, you can get it at Napa; it comes in a roll/ribbon, and body workers use it to seal panels.

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Grahame, If you take the cover off the back of the housing, just like if you were going to change a bulb in it, and gently lift or move around the inner lamp housing, you will be able to easily feel if it is really loose inside. You will be able to alter the beam angle super easy if it is loose inside. My latest acquisition is a 2003 car with only 44,700 miles…the light on the right is broken inside already. I suspect a previous mechanic was ham-handed and changed a light bulb with way too much force, breaking the delicate inner housing mounts. I haven’t checked the left light yet.


Thanks for the info will do

Regards Noel


Thanks kassaq for the info

Regards Noel

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Theres a vid on You Tube on it

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Has anyone figured out a way to rig the loose housing without taking the full headlight assembly out? Please give your thoughts. My drivers side low beam H-1 “eye” warbles badly. I paid Jaguar of Charleston $1,700 to replace both assemblies in 2013.