X Type Wagon tailgate window?

Has anyone replaced the lift cylinders for the glass on the X Type Wagon tailgate?

Any tips would be helpful.

I have been having problems also. I haven’t tried anything yet, but my first step will be to find an exploded diagram from either the local dealer’s parts department or on an online parts source.

Graham, Search Jaguar X type manuals to get a free download of 2800 pages of X Type Repair manual. I haven’t had time to research the whole manual.

It downloads as a PDF file.

I have replaced them on my Estate. It requires that you remove the headliner, which is the original problem I had (sagging roof liner). The headliner is retained by clips. Pop them off, the whole headliner drops down and the rear window struts are fully exposed. Took about 1.5 hours.

Can you describe the process for unclipping the headliner; where to pull first, etc? Or maybe a link to clip locations? Any advice would be most appreciated, I’d love to change those struts.
Thanks, Alan